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Current & Delinquent Tax Returns Attorney in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

One of the most common reasons for people to enter our offices in a panic is because they didn’t file past tax returns. Sometimes people just forget to do it! If you forget to file and you owe taxes, you will be responsible for paying your tax burden plus interest and penalties. It’s much worse to have missing years in your tax record than it is to owe money.

What to Do with Delinquent Tax Returns

Filing past returns is extremely important. One of the surest ways to get on the radar of the IRS or Florida DOR is to forget to file for a few years in a row. If all of the records are there, then the government knows there’s an accurate accounting.

If there are missing records, that is a huge red flag and they will come looking for the missing information. They may even make assumptions about how much they think you owe based on the information they do have about your spending. Filing all of your past returns as accurately as possible before opening further negotiations with the IRS or the Florida DOR is a necessary first step.

It is often mandatory to file delinquent returns in order to get you “current” before you can negotiate an installment agreement or settlement with the IRS. Current in the eyes of the IRS means that you have filed all outstanding returns and are up to date on your withholding for the current tax year. Our team can track down which tax years the IRS is missing and file the necessary tax returns on your behalf if you decide to hire us as your tax representative to the IRS.

Some individuals find themselves in a situation where they have not filed a return in years. We can help! We can prepare multiple years of tax returns and get you back on track. We can help you get the documentation you need so you can file returns, find out your true tax liabilities, and set up a payment plan with the IRS that is achievable.

You don’t have to be behind on your filing to hire our services, either. Zuckerman Law also helps many local businesses and individuals file their taxes on time and properly. Sometimes an individual or business has a new situation or particularly complicated finances that a standard CPA may not feel comfortable handling.

Ready for a remedy?

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If you haven’t filed your returns you have little room to negotiate when tax notices start coming in the mail. Fortunately, the team at Zuckerman Law are ready to help you get caught up and back on the right track with the IRS or the Florida DOR. As experienced tax attorneys, we are able to prepare your current and delinquent individual and business tax returns. Having your taxes filed by us can ensure your tax form is correct and that you are paying the right amount of tax. Our firm serves all of the Miami-Dade area. If you need an attorney to prepare your current and delinquent taxes in Davies, Aventura or elsewhere in South Florida, call us.

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