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IRS Audit Attorney in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

If you have received a letter from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) notifying you of an audit, you may feel an abrupt surge of anxiety and panic. Facing an IRS audit can be a terrifying experience. In fact, you should take the situation seriously because you may face tax penalties or even criminal charges if the IRS finds evidence of criminal activity or fraud.  

As a tax attorney at Zuckerman Law, LLC, I understand how the IRS audit process works and what you can do to protect yourself or your business during the audit. I assist clients who undergo IRS audits in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and other parts of the state, including Boca Raton, Hollywood, Miami, Aventura, Sunny Isles, and North Miami Beach. I help clients resolve IRS audits as effectively and quickly as possible.  

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What Is an IRS Audit?  

The term “IRS audit” refers to a review of an individual or organization’s financial records conducted by the IRS. The purpose of the audit is to ensure that taxpayers are reporting correctly and paying the correct amount of taxes. According to the IRS, most IRS audits are conducted through the mail (correspondence audits). However, a field audit, which is conducted in-person at the taxpayer’s home or business, may be necessary in some cases.  

There are a number of things that may trigger an IRS audit, including but not limited to: 

  • Underreporting income 

  • Making errors in the tax returns 

  • Claiming too many contributions to charity 

  • Reporting too many losses on a Schedule C 

  • Deducting too many expenses necessary for the business 

After filing a tax return, the IRS generally has three years after a return is due or was filed, whichever comes later, to conduct an audit.  

Your Rights If You Receive an IRS Audit  

The mere thought of a tax audit can be anxiety-inducing and scary, even if the taxpayer has nothing to hide and has done nothing wrong. Many taxpayers wonder, “What do I do if I receive a tax audit?” and “What are my rights during an IRS audit?”  

According to the IRS, taxpayers have the following rights when receiving a tax audit: 

  • The right to confidentiality and privacy about their tax matters 

  • The right to fair and professional treatment by IRS employees 

  • The right to know why the IRS is investigating them and asking for information 

  • The right to know how the IRS will use the information it discovers during the audit 

  • The right to legal representation 

  • The right to disagree with the decisions made by the IRS 

As an IRS audits attorney at Zuckerman Law, LLC, I provide effective representation to taxpayers before the IRS in tax audits in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and throughout the state.  

What to Expect During the Audit Process  

The IRS audit process can be conducted in three ways: 

  1. Correspondence audit (by mail) 

  1. Field audit (in-person) 

  1. Office examination audit (at an IRS office) 

During the tax audit, the IRS may ask the taxpayer to provide certain information and documentation to prove their income, deductions, charitable donations, and other things that raise suspicion. It is important to cooperate with the IRS and comply with the agency’s requests. At the same time, it is also crucial to protect your best interests by working with a knowledgeable IRS audits attorney.  

What to Expect After the IRS Audit  

When the IRS concludes the tax audit, an employee of the agency will prepare a Revenue Agent Report (RAR), which details the results and findings of the audit. There are three possible outcomes of the IRS audit: 

  1. No change. The audit results in no changes. 

  1. Agreement. The IRS proposes changes and the taxpayer agrees with the proposed changes.  

  1. Disagreement. The IRS proposes changes and the taxpayer disagrees with the proposed changes.  

If you agree with the IRS audit findings, the agency will ask you to sign a document (e.g., an examination report) and pay additional taxes, fees, or penalties. In the worst-case scenario, the audit could result in criminal charges. 

IRS Audit Attorney Serving Fort Lauderdale, Florida

At Zuckerman Law, LLC, I represent individuals and businesses in all matters related to taxes and the IRS, including IRS audits. As an IRS audit attorney in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, I represent clients at all stages of the tax audit process and help them dispute the audit findings when necessary. Reach out to Zuckerman Law, LLC today to discuss your unique situation and formulate an effective plan for the audit.