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IRS Dispute Resolution Attorney in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Receiving an IRS notice that demands thousands of dollars or years worth of past tax information for an audit is a scary thought. These notices are often in bureaucratic language that the average layperson cannot decipher. The emotional impact of receiving a negative IRS notice can make anyone lose sleep. But there’s more to IRS notices than just emotional suffering. There’s a reality behind receiving a notice that must be faced and gone through if you want to get over the emotional pain.

What Happens With an IRS Tax Lien?

If you’ve received an IRS lien, that’s even worse. These are documents made public that inform any other creditors that the IRS has first priority on your property if it’s ever sold. If you try to sell the property with a lien on it the IRS will take the profit from the sale first until the tax debt is settled. This is a big problem for business owners or real estate developers who run into tax issues with the IRS. You could be stuck in your property and unable to sell. Plus, as a public notice, your potential buyers could stay far away since they won’t want to tangle with an encumbered title.

Naturally, our area of law involves dealing with the IRS on a regular basis. We have found that the IRS actually has a surprising amount of flexibility, but our clients don’t have the knowledge to take advantage of it. We help people from all walks of life, including business owners and high-net-worth individuals, sort out their tax issues and tax disputes with the IRS.

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Why Was a Tax Lien Issued?

  • Non-filing (Didn’t file a tax return)

  • Inadequate returns (Missing information)

  • Inaccurate or disputed returns (IRS thinks the information is wrong)

  • Inability to pay taxes owed on this year’s return

  • Other IRS tax disputes

  • IRS audits

  • Back taxes and other tax collection issues

  • Offers in compromise (Formal renegotiation of tax payments)

  • Establishing payment plans with the IRS

  • Release of levies, garnishments, and liens

  • Criminal investigation by the Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS

Who Do I Call in Fort Lauderdale if I Have Received a Tax Lien or Wage Garnishment?

If you have received an IRS notice or lien in the mail and you don’t know what to do next, bring it to Zuckerman Law. We are the IRS notice lawyers in Deerfield Beach, North Miami Beach, Aventura and the rest of the South Florida region. We will help you understand what is happening and what you can do to resolve the issue. As tax representatives for over thirty years, we can tell you why you received the notice, what the next steps the IRS will take against you if you don’t respond, and how you can fix the problem with our assistance. Armed with this knowledge you can make an informed decision on how to move forward.

Please call us at 954-922-1975 for a free confidential consultation. When the government, with its unlimited resources, is taking legal action against you, you need Zuckerman Law on your side.

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