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Tax Attorney Serving Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Tax law can be laborious and confusing. As an attorney with many years of tax law experience, I understand how the IRS works and what they expect in tax disputes. This allows me to produce tangible results that can give you peace of mind. Don't handle the IRS alone, reach out to me today for a free consultation to discuss your tax issues.


Ira L. Zuckerman

Tax Law Attorney

For over 30 years, I have been serving those throughout the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area with their tax law needs. With experience in both state and federal courts, and a master’s degree in tax law, I can help you discover why the IRS has contacted you or put a lien against your assets. I will guide you to a solution and save you money through expert negotiations. My diverse background with tax law shows my commitment to bring my clients a fair ruling to their tax issues.

What Is a Tax Attorney?

A tax attorney can negotiate with the IRS and often help you avoid tax liens which can damage your credit. These professionals handle tax matters such as halting wage garnishments, helping with unfiled taxes, and undoing property levies. Tax attorneys can often help you save thousands of dollars through skilled negotiations with the IRS. As your tax attorney, I can help you reach a resolution to your tax problems.

When should you hire a tax Attorney?

  • Delinquent

    Business Taxes

    Many businesses get in trouble with the IRS for non-payment or underpayment of business taxes. This can be very burdensome on small and medium-sized businesses and can result in both legal and practical consequences.

  • Audits

    Audits occur when the IRS targets a taxpayer for committing fraud and errors or questionable answers on tax forms. I can represent you in the case that the IRS takes you to court.

  • Tax Lien

    Tax liens can particularly damage a business's reputation. When the IRS issues a tax lien they notify all other creditors that they have first priority of your property. The lien could remain until all the tax debt is settled.

  • Wage Garnishment

    These occur when the IRS orders an employer to take a percentage of your wage as a tax payment. They can last for months or even years until your tax obligation is fulfilled.

Are you being Inquired by the Irs?

Tax Law Facts

The IRS Can Take Funds Out Of Your Bank Account

Yes, this is called a bank levy. Bank levies are a onetime seizure of funds taken out of your bank account. This is normally taken from a financial institution.

Tax Liens VS. Wage Garnishment

A tax lien is a claim against a property when you fail to pay your taxes, while a wage garnishment is a portion taken from your paychecks until the taxes you owe are paid.

Not Filing Rather that Not Paying Is More Costly

The fines and fees associated with not filing your taxes can be higher than those associated with not paying what you owe to the IRS or state.

Serving Greater
Fort Lauderdale

Tax law can be difficult to navigate. If you are being probed by the IRS or Florida Department of Revenue, it is important to have an attorney who is equipped to negotiate with these government entities. I'm proud to serve Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas of Miami, Hollywood, and Aventura, Florida.